Customized Learning

Customized learning tailor-made for each student:

  • Personalized course materials​

  • Low teacher/student ratio (1:3) or private 1-on-1

  • environment that cultivates a love of learning

At Coachland, we understand that kids learn at different paces. That’s why we don’t group our students according to grade level, but rather the targeted areas of learning they need assistance with. We keep class sizes small and manageable so that we can focus on the individual within the group to determine the best way for them to learn. Our policy for semi-private tutoring is to have no more than 3 students per tutor – but often the ratio is closer to 1:2 (one tutor to two students).

One-on-one private tutoring is also available.

You might wonder why not just offer private sessions? We do, but we find that a group setting can be a very conducive learning environment. Students sometimes are able to help each other in ways that go far beyond what we teach. Kids also have a tendency to listen more closely to their peers and put more weight on what they say. Having a lot of different thinking in one group can produce alternative perspectives, which increases the likelihood your child will find a learning method that clicks for them. Plus, the enthusiasm of the students is often contagious – and we’re all about promoting a love of learning!