Give your child an advantage in school (and in life) by building solid reading and writing skills

Strengthening Writing/Grammar Proficiency:

Writing can be one of the most difficult studies to master, yet it is an essential skill that your child will need as they move higher and higher into their academic career.  If learned well, writing can also give your child a competitive edge in higher education and in life.


Our tutors will create a customized tutoring plan tailored specifically for your child to improve their writing, spelling, and grammar skills.  Younger students will focus on grammar (including punctuation, tense, sentence structure), proper word usage, and vocabulary.  They will also explore the basics of writing such as developing a clear topic/introduction, body, and conclusion. 


As your child grows older, the demands on their writing will become more complex.  For upper grades, Coachland will shift the focus to enhance their writing skills for more multi-faceted assignments such as term papers and research assignments.  One of the important lessons will be to implement techniques such as note taking, research, and using outlines.  In addition, Coachland will help students in their writing learn to …


  • use critical thinking skills

  • build strong arguments with proof elements

  • come up with a clear thesis/topic

  • analyze effectively

  • establish smooth transitions

  • stay on topic

  • communicate their point of view effectively

  • and edit themselves

The Many Levels of Reading:

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of solid reading skills.  Even as early as 2nd grade, students are expected to read well enough to extract information for subjects such as science and social studies.  If your child has difficulty reading – or is a slower reader than their peers – they run the risk of falling behind.


Some kids face tremendous obstacles when it comes to reading.  Whether it’s a diagnosable disability, like dyslexia, or simply a lack of motivation to read, our Coachland tutors will help your child overcome their reading hurdles.


Improving the student’s ability to sound out the words and read smoothly is important, but we also take reading to the next level.  Our tutors strive to cultivate the skill of both understanding the material and processing the information simultaneously.  This is a reading skill your child will need throughout their formative school career, college, and beyond. 


There is nothing better than to see a child click into reading and discover the joy of new adventures that await them within the pages of a book. 


To develop their reading skills, Coachland will help kids focus on …


  • Reading passages and responding to questions about those segments

  • Drawing their own conclusions from what they’ve read

  • Identifying the topic of the reading material and supporting arguments

  • Correctly pronouncing words and understanding their meaning